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Rozy Jewellery was founded with the desire to bring beautifully designed and affordable fine jewellery to customers in New Zealand and Australia. But affordability does not mean that making any compromise on the quality of jewellery. On the contrary, we would rather sacrifice our margins and choose the expensive 925 sterling silver as the base of our jewellery to offer customers durable, non-allergic and high-quality jewellery. This article will explain and introduce the benefits of silver jewellery.

Why Silver Jewellery?

Silver, like gold, is a precious metal with a long history. As silver has a brilliant white colour, chemical stability and collecting value, it has been long used in making jewellery.

Besides, many articles state that silver has significant proven (and some unproven) health benefits. One of the benefits is that silver can act as antimicrobial agent fighting infections. Wearing silver jewellery is popular in many cultures because of these benefits.

Another benefit is that it is less likely to have an allergic reaction by wearing silver. This is an important quality as jewellery remains in close contact with our skin.

What is 925 Sterling Silver (Sterling Silver)?

Purest silver (99.9% silver) is considered too soft for jewellery making. As a result, harder metals are added to increase its strength. That is how 925 sterling silver is produced. 925 Sterling silver, or just called sterling silver, contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. In some instances, copper may be switched to another metal. Because of its high quality and improved durability, sterling silver is the perfect option for making jewellery.

925 sterling silver, like gold and platinum, is one of the Fine Metals. Jewellery made of 925 sterling silver belongs to the Fine Jewellery category.

Check out Our Collections of Jewellery

Rozy Jewellery offers a variety of designs which are 925 sterling silver based. They are gold or rhodium plated, so the silver won’t lose its luster. Our range of products includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We focus on quality and affordability, without compromising the look of the wearer. We believe every woman deserves to feel confident and spirited by wearing our jewellery.

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